About Us

Cuisine Crafters was created out of a need, a personal need that resonated with many that we spoke with about it.

With life becoming increasingly busy with the advent of mobile devices that enabled work to continue after leaving the office, or as in the case of the current pandemic, a never ending work day and balancing that with kids that are studying from home, a better solution is needed as to how food is made.

Whether you are a family of two working adults with kids, or a single parent with kids or a busy single professional, you just like us, have been exasperated at what to cook and how often to cook. This is no longer a problem with Cuisine Crafters. Hire your own personal chef or cook to help you cook for a weeknight or a weekend dinner or lunch or cook for a whole week!

Have a dinner date? How about having it at home with a Chef or cook creating the meal for you?

Have a birthday to celebrate, or an anniversary or a party of any kind and need freshly made food? Hire your own Chef for the event.

We are here to help you find a chef or a cook that works great for you. You can try as many chefs or cooks as you like and there is no commitment to a specific chef or cook. Click here to join at no cost.

Cuisine Crafters was also created to serve the needs of Culinary professionals who have been impacted by the pandemic, with the largest ever closing of restaurants in the United States and other nations, a different avenue is needed and Cuisine Crafters aims to provide that for you.

Come join us and support us and help build the world's largest network of culinary professionals that can connect with individuals and families to serve them one on one. This is hospitality reimagined for a new era.

Click here to sign up as a valued Culinary Service Provider.

We will bring smiles to the world, one personalized dining engagement at a time.