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A platform connecting Culinary professionals and home cooks with those that wish to have a great dining experience at their home.

We Come To Your Home!

We understand people have busy lives.
At Cuisine Crafters, we can help you book a private chef that fits your budget, schedule, and food and nutrition preferences.
Our chefs come to your house with prepped ingredients and can cook onsite.
Don't waste time cooking or buying groceries when you can have a personal, private chef handle all that for you.
You will have a freshly chef-prepared meal that keeps things interesting.
Our chefs use quality ingredients and can deliver a unique experience.

Turn Your Kitchen into a Home Restaurant

Diners can use Cuisine Crafters to have better than restaurant-quality meals provided at home without having to waste time shopping, prepping, or cooking.

With Cuisine Crafters, you can skip making reservations, driving and long wait times at restaurants. Your private chef cooks for you while you lounge or do chores and they serve you exclusively!

The convenience factor is undeniable. Your private chef will come to your residence during the designated booking window and cook everything fresh for you. They will handle cleanup and depart after service so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Enjoy the Food You Want

Do you like to eat organic foods? Have any gluten, dairy, other dietary restrictions? Your private chef can prepare food according to your dietary preferences. These are experienced chefs that can handle your requests while still providing a delicious, exciting rotation of new dishes.

Your Food Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Your private chef can prepare dishes from a variety of cuisines. This keeps things interesting for you and your family. Don't settle for the same boring dish over and over again simply because it is convenient to cook. Our chefs can create restaurant-quality meals that cater to all kinds of palettes and flavor profiles. And you can choose among many local chefs and home cooks in your area.

Enjoy a meal in 3 easy steps

Cuisine Crafters

Locate a Chef

Use our platform to find a chef near you.

Cuisine Crafters

Make a Booking

Book your chef on a scheduled date and time. You can also book recurring appointments.

Cuisine Crafters

Enjoy Quality Food

Your chef will show up on time and prepare quality meals with fresh ingredients.

Chefs! Come onboard and book your next gig!

There is no shortage of private chef jobs out there. Our platform helps chefs and home cooks connect with clients to increase their business and income.

Create Your Profile and Share Your Voice

As a Chef or Home Cook, you can register on our site and create an online profile with your qualifications, specialty areas, and booking information. You can also write articles on the site to boost your authority and presence.

Build a Client Network

Over time, as a chef, you will be able to build out your client network and set up recurring weekly appointments with clients and build your standing on the platform to attract more clients. You can also take advantage of referrals as your network increases. Booking and delivering services through the platform increases your reputation over time, thereby gaining you more business.

Get paid to be a Chef in 3 easy steps

Cuisine Crafters

List Your Profile

to your portfolio to showcase your skills and services.

Cuisine Crafters

Get Hired

Clients can contact you directly through the platform and schedule bookings.

Cuisine Crafters

Deliver an Experience

Deliver a memorable dining experience to your clients.

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